Mary’s Rest in Martha’s Day

As you rise and shine today, are you giving God the glory? Or are you too focused on your to-do list, and getting every single item checked off. Maybe your plate is full today. Maybe you aren’t even sure if you CAN get it all accomplished. Maybe, like Martha, you will spend your entire day trying to please others, see to the needs of others, and meet some kind of personal standard you have set for yourself.

The question is…what about the Lord? Is He on your to-do list today? Are you setting aside time to spend with Him? I don’t mean a quick prayer and a glance at a scripture so that you can check it off your list. I am talking about really sitting at His feet, as Mary did, and soaking in His word, being filled with His Holy Spirit.

When we take time to be with the Lord, he fuels us for whatever we have in our day. He gives us the strength to get through the difficult tasks, and He gives us joy in tough circumstances. With Jesus in our hearts, the tasks we do each day can make a difference for His kingdom. We will approach things differently, and the joy of the Lord, the joy of our hearts, will spread out to others as we share the love of Christ through our words and actions.

We can handle the to-do list if we rest first…rest in Him.

Would love to know your thoughts...please leave a comment and God bless you.