Faith Wins

It has been a long few weeks. Illness has taken command over my body and I have had to bow out of some things on my schedule. With the hustle and bustle of the season, I have found myself waiting in too many long checkout lines, and stuck in too much traffic. I have made plans to spend quiet time at home with my family, enjoying this special time of the year, and things have gotten in the way of that. One failure after another, as I strive to make this the perfect Christmas season for my family. What is it they say about the best laid plans?

I have found myself awake in the wee hours, going back and forth between praying for specific needs in my family, and planning my next strategic move to make the most of the coming day. Everything that gets me off course in that plan gives me a sense of failure, a sense of ineptitude.

Jesus spoke to me in the wee hours last night. He was right there with the rain drops that were sounding on my roof. He was right there amidst the night sounds of my home. He was right there in my troubled heart. He reminded me that my plans may not be, and most likely are not, His plans. He reminded me that this is a season of love and joy, a season of peace and happiness. This is not a season of stress, anxiety, or worry. It’s not about long lines and perfect gifts, it’s about love and family, and faith.

Is my faith strong enough to overcome my feelings of failure? Yes it is! I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I know God has great plans for my life. I know I don’t have to be, and could never be, perfect. I know that when I fall, He will pick me up. And I know that I am ready to put the hustle and bustle aside. I am ready to let enough be enough. I am ready to look at the gifts under my tree and say….it is finished. I am ready to get to the heart of this season. I am ready to laugh and love, and toss my stress out the window. I am prepared to let the unscheduled and unexpected happen….that is where the blessings come. I am ready for my home to be filled with the sounds of joy and the sights of happiness. My sense of failure will no longer own me….FAITH WINS!


  1. Inspire the Best You says:

    Jesus is great at reminding us of what is truly important. The holidays can make it seem like things are getting away from us, but we should take things slow and celebrate in the things that are truly important.

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