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Betty understands the struggles that many women face today.  She has experienced first-hand the life of domestic violence, the overwhelming pressure of being a single parent, the struggles of blending families.  She has faced the issues of low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.  She has had the experience of fostering and adoption.  She knows the sadness and grief of deep loss.  She clearly understands the joys of being a wife and mother, and grasps all too well the fears that come with “letting our children go” to become what God has planned for them to be.

Betty uses her own life experiences, mixed with God’s Word and the wisdom she has gained through many valuable Sisters in Christ, to bring  uplifting, honest, and sometimes humorous messages to encourage and inspire women to be ALL that God has intended for them, despite their circumstances, and despite their self-doubt.

Betty would love to bring this message to your church, ministry, or organization.  Below are just some of the topics she has spoken about, and she would be delighted to mold your event theme into a meaningful and heart-changing message.



How We Can Encourage Others:  Some useful tips and ideas, backed up by the Word of God, on how we can be a powerful source of encouragement and motivation to our Sisters in Christ.  Let Christ shine through you by putting these ideas to practice, and enjoy the blessing of blessing others!

Breaking Chains: Don’t let your past keep you from being the BEST you.  Break those chains that are keeping you in bondage and live life to it’s fullest.  Give God control over your life and let HIM help YOU be the powerful WOMAN OF GOD that He knows you can be!

It’s All About Forgiveness:  Is your heart full of unforgiveness and you just don’t know how to let go?  Is this unforgiveness, hurt, and resentment keeping you from having a heart filled with peace and joy?  Learn how to let God’s love drown out the pain of past hurts and fill your heart with the fruits of the spirit by letting go of the stronghold of unforgiveness.

A Different Kind of Bond: Experiencing a child through fostering, adoption, or blending families gives us circumstances and opportunities that are unique to parenting.  Find out how to approach this journey with love and compassion, and plenty of patience as Betty shares her own unique experiences:  the joys, the laughter, and the tears.

Making Sense of Motherhood:  We all have times of struggle in our role as mamas.  Let Jesus and the precious word of God be your guide, your strength, and your rock as you walk the valleys and climb the mountains of this beautiful, crazy, awesome, terrifying thing called motherhood.

The Future Is A Gift:  Don’t let the burdens of the past hold you captive, stuck in your history instead of moving towards your future.  Embrace your possibilities, be bold and courageous. Look to the future that God has for you, a future that will prosper you and bring you hope.

Other topics include Marriage, Building Faith, Growing in Our Walk With Christ,  Finding Hope in Our Hopelessness,  and The Meaning Behind Ecclesiastes                                                         




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