A Marriage Prayer

13   The Lord has recently imparted upon my heart the desire to post my prayers over marriages.  I hope these prayers are of some comfort to a couple who may be going through some tough times, or perhaps a reminder to a couple who is sailing along smoothly to count their blessings.  Marriages are wonderful gifts and opportunities that the Lord has given us, but as with all things of any great value, they require effort, discipline, love, and a whole lot of grace.  May each of your marriages be filled with goodness, especially the goodness that comes from the Lord!

Heavenly Father,

Today I come to you with a thankful heart.  Thankful that you, in your great wisdom, knew that man would need a helper.  Thankful that you created the marriage relationship, so that we can experience this wonderful gift from above.

My prayer today, Father, is for the husbands.  I pay that you fill each of them with your Holy Spirit and give them a true and intense desire to serve You.  Give them the motivation that is needed so that they might lead over their households as men of faith and courage.  That they would model Your great love to their wives and children in a way so powerful that their families would have NO DOUBT of their love and reverence for You.  Father, help them to seek You in times of doubt, fear, or sorrow.  Help them to use Your great and mighty word as the catalyst for all they do, say, and decide for their families.  Help each of them to not grow weary in leading their family, but to cherish the wonderful opportunity You have given them to make a huge impact on not only their loved ones, but to their  communities and society at large.  Equip them for the battle!  In Jesus’ name….Amen.