Perfect and Pleasing

imageI love Jesus. Trouble is, I don’t always ACT like I love Jesus. Just like many others, I pray each day for God to use me, to allow me to make a difference in this world, to be a light in my home, an effective minister of the word, and a woman who radiates His love to others. Some days I do great at this! Some days I do pretty good. Other days I slide through by the skin of my teeth, and then there are the days that I fall flat on my face. Does anyone relate to this? Is there anybody else out there who is not all you want to be every single day?

Well, the great news is that I don’t have to be everything every day. And neither do you. God knows there are going to be days we stumble, days we stagger, and days we just simply fall. Those are the days He reaches down His gentle hands of grace and picks us right back up and sets us on our feet. Isn’t that just what a Father does? He gives us a gentle nudge in the right direction and sends us back out into our lives with hope and encouragement.

Every day we need to work to be that woman we hope to be, and it doesn’t always come easy. We have to make time for our sweet Jesus, making that time a priority. We need to spend time in God’s word, renewing our minds and revitalizing our souls. It is only with a renewed mind, a revitalized soul, and a heart for Jesus and His direction that we will know what God’s perfect and pleasing will for our life is.

I want His will for my life! I know it will be perfect and pleasing! How about you?

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