He is Our Strength

Life is full of battles…health battles, financial battles, relationship battles, and spiritual battles.  In order to be the over comers God created us to be, we must equip ourselves for the battle.  We do this by putting on the armor of God, by preparing ourselves for what can and will come our way.  We spend time in the Word of God, getting familiar with His promises, understanding what He expects of us.  We spend time in communication through prayer, asking God for the strength and wisdom to battle through our obstacles.  We spend time in fellowship with others who believe, who can encourage and inspire us.  Through these steps, we gain courage and direction. Through these steps, we gain strength and knowledge.  Through this seeking, we gain the ability to walk through our battles, with Christ at our side, and come out the other side victorious.  There is VICTORY in Jesus.  through him, we are so much MORE than conquerors!


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