Keep the Flame Burning

Many of us can spend days, weeks, even years wondering what our purpose is in this life. We love God and we believe that He created us for a purpose, but we just haven’t been able to unwrap exactly what that purpose might be. Let me assure you all that He DID design you for a purpose. He DID place into your life particular talents and abilities. He DID endow you with specific spiritual gifts.

What is our purpose? To glorify our God and to impact His kingdom. How do we do so? By recognizing the spiritual gifts He has given each of us, unwrapping that precious gift, and USING it. We can’t live in the fear that we might fail. We can’t let insecurity and self-doubt have victory over us. We can’t let the enemy convince us that we are not worthy.

What is our purpose? To glorify our God and to impact His kingdom. Click To Tweet

We are so much more than worthy. We are so much more than able. We are strong, valuable, capable, and necessary. God has given us an assignment in our lives and it is up to us to act on it. When we do, we not only glorify our Father, but we make a difference in the lives of others.

So, what is your gift? What flames need to be fanned in your heart and mind? What are you doing to show God your thankfulness for the gifts He has given you? Let today be the day you standup and say “I receive what You have given me!” “I am worthy of this gift!” “I can do all things through Your great and mighty strength!” “I want to make a difference….to impact Your kingdom!”

Start today and keep your flame burning.


  1. Nicole Green says:

    This is a wonderful post, Betty! I love the scripture reference you chose – I’ll be saving 2 Timothy 1:6. The imagery of fanning the flame of our spiritual gifts is beautiful. So blessed by your gift of encouragement!

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