Do Not Be Afraid

“Do not be afraid.” These are the words spoken to Mary Magdalene as she approached the tomb of Jesus that morning, finding the stone rolled away and an angel there instead of the body of her beloved Jesus. This was not what she expected on this morning. This was not her plan for this morning. Yet, she was told to have no fear.

The same words were spoken to Mary, the mother of Jesus, when the angel appeared before her 33 years prior to that day. “Do not be afraid,” the Angel told her as he explained God’s plan for her life; as he told her she would be mother of he Messiah.

I feel like Jesus is speaking these same words into our hearts this morning…”Do not be afraid.” We do not have to fear the darkness of this world. We do not have to fear the troubles that come into our lives. We don’t have to fear the broken relationships, financial burdens, insecurities, broken hearts, and shattered dreams. We have nothing to fear, because HE LIVES‼!

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All those years ago, He gave himself for us. For our sins, for our lives, for our troubles. Three days later, He was resurrected, and took his place at his father’s side. He is right there, right now, interceding on behalf of you and me. He hears our prayers, he knows our hopes, he knows our concerns. He will not walk away and leave us to figure it out in our own. He will guide us, make a path for us, and encourage us through our trials. He will rejoice with us through our triumphs. He is the greatest friend we will ever know!

So do not be afraid, my friends. Take your needs to him. Let him soothe your anxious heart and wipe way your tears. There is no room for fear in a life with the Savior.

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