Grace Over Burden

Let’s face it…we ALL sin. We’ll fall short each and every day. The difference in our lives, our hearts, and our outcomes is based upon our salvation. If we have experienced salvation through Christ, we know that our prayers of repentance are heard. We are assured that our sins are washed away, and each day is new. In other words, God forgives our sins and gives us a clean record. We go through life with forgiveness on our side, and we are able to live life fully and experience his grace abundantly.

For those who have not experienced salvation, the record just keeps growing. The list of wrongdoings piles up until the weight of the sin is too much to bear. There is no relief, no retrieval, no washing clean of the slate. Life is lived under the weight of sin, and that weight is crushing to the heart and the spirit.

The choice is ours to make. God won’t force himself upon you. What do you choose today? A life ridden with sin, guilt, and shame? Or a life free in the goodness and grace of Jesus?

Lord, help us to choose wisely. Help us to choose grace over burden. Help us to choose YOU. Show us how to lean not on our own understanding, but to seek you in all things and to cry out to you in the midst of our sins, for only you can pull us out of the pits we fall into. Thank you Lord for loving us to the point of death. Thank you that your mercies are eternal. Thank you that you, and only you, wash us white as snow.

In Jesus name, AmenšŸ’œ

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