Are you feeling like life is impossible?  Maybe you are in a place where you feel like success is drifting further and further away, and you are stuck out on the crashing waves.

Has God given you an assignment that you are doubting you have the ability to see through to the end?  Are you ready to give up?

Hold on, my sweet sister!  You are not alone.  God is walking right beside you in your difficult moments, in your doubts and fears, and in your days out on the crashing waves.  If He has called you to a specific assignment, He will equip you to see it through.  He knows your gifts,your talents your abilities.  He knows because He gave them to you,

When we rely on ourselves, we set ourselves up to fail.  But when we put our trust in God, He will make a way for us in the places we feel lost.  Letting God take the lead in our lives opens the door for all the new things He has for us.

He has great things waiting for you!  Areas of your life that seem like a desert can be transformed to beauty.  You are the canvas, my sister.  Hold still and let Him create His masterpiece.