The Struggle to Juggle Series

Is Prioritization a Problem?

Moms who successfully balance family, work, church, community service, and all the other things life hands them have one thing in common: God and family are at the top of their list of priorities. They may look like they “have it all.” In reality, they just have a strong sense of who they are in Christ and have managed to align their priorities with the Word of God. Does this seem impossible to you? It can often be a struggle. Sometimes we can have the best of intentions. “I’m going to do my devotion and spend time with the Lord EVERY day.” “I’m going to make sure to spend that uninterrupted time with my family this weekend.” Somewhere along the way our intentions get led astray by the desire to please, the desire to achieve, the desire to be recognized, the desire to have what others have. We lose focus on the real gift we have been given…our Savior and our family. We lose the ability to prioritize according to God’s word, and we start prioritizing according to the ways of the world.   Are you prioritizing according to the WORD or the world? Perhaps in answering that question, you find yourself wanting to make a change in your life. Let’s face it ladies…women wear a lot of hats. Do you remember that old children’s story Thirteen Caps? Sometimes it really feels as if we are trying to walk around while balancing thirteen caps on the top of our heads! If you are looking to find the balance, to navigate the landmines of life so that you are living life for the One and the ones who are closest to you, then this devotional series will offer you some suggestions on how to prioritize your life according to the WORD, not the world. I hope you will join me for this series, and my prayer is that it makes a difference in your life, your walk with the Lord, and your family.