That’s What a Savior Does

That’s What a Savior Does

When we were kids, my brother and I loved to go exploring. At one time in our lives, we lived in a house with fields around two sides. There were houses behind us and to the side of us where the street was, but in front of us was a soybean field, and to the right was open land with a grove of trees off in what seemed to be a great distance (when I see that piece of land now, I chuckle at just how short of a distance it actually was). We would set out on a Saturday morning, our tin lunch pails packed with snacks, and head for that grove of trees far off in the distance.

Typically I would walk ahead of my brother. I would clear our little path and make sure there were no snakes, bears, or tigers. (We had quite an imagination!). My purpose was to make sure we got to the trees safely. We usually made it with no problems. Of course, our lunch pails would be empty because we ate all our snacks along the way, so we usually didn’t stay very long.

One particular time, we got scared along our path. I don’t remember exactly what it was that frightened us, (probably a dog…a big ferocious dog) but I do remember grabbing my brother’s hand and getting him safely back home. That’s what big sisters do.

That is also what the Lord does. He guides our steps, even on the most frightening paths. He walks ahead of us, clearing the way for our feet to pass. When we trust in Him, when we follow His direction, He leads us to our destination. And when we get frightened, he takes our hand and draws us to safety. When our time here is finished, He pulls us gently into His loving embrace, and He leads us home. That’s what a Savior does.

David said about him: “”I saw the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” Acts 2:25.

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