White as Snow


Wisdom strengthens the wise more than ten rulers of the city.
For there is not a just man on earth who does good and does not sin.
Ecclesiastes 7:19-20

Although wisdom gives me power, it does not mean I am above sin. I am a sinner. As long as I walk this earth I will be a sinner. Only Jesus had the privilege of dwelling here sin free.

If I want to be considered righteous, I must have faith in God. Righteousness dos not belong to me, it belongs to Him. The only way I can attain righteousness is through Him. I must admit my sins, confess my sins, and turn away from my sins, all he while professing my faith in Christ.

Does this mean I will never sin again? Absolutely not! There will be days when sin gets the best of me….I am human. I will get angry for something and say the wrong thing, I will shout at my children and be short with my husband. I will roll through a stop sign or tell a “”little white lie.” Some days I will worry and doubt, and not find my strength in my Maker. I will have opportunities to witness that I let pass by. I will not use my calling to further the gospel.

The hope is that those days will be minimal, and that on most days I will serve my King to my greatest ability. (Not that I will ever be sin free on any day.). The hope is that I will reach for the prize, which is eternity in heaven with my Father. Then, and only then, will I be the sinless, white-as-snow version of myself that I hope to be.

Thank you Father that you are forgiving, and that you pour out that forgiveness on me. Thank you that you give me wisdom to navigate this life. Thank you that, because of you, I will one day be like Mary’s little lamb….white as snow.

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