I Whisper Up To Heaven

I whisper up to Heaven, “God, I can’t take one more step”

He takes my hand, smiles, and says, “We just aren’t finished yet.”

I whisper up to Heaven, “Why do I feel so blue?”
His gentle voice responds to me, “Never doubt my love for you.”

I whisper up to Heaven,”Lord, I just can’t run this race.”
His soft assurance speaks to me, “I am with you in this place.”

I whisper up to Heaven, “I am so tired, overwhelmed, and sad.”
He calls to me upon the breeze,”My child, rejoice and be glad.”

I whisper up to Heaven, “Lord, why are you so far away?”
His calming spirit surrounds me as He says, “I am here, and here I’ll stay.”

I whisper up to Heaven, “Lord, I’m losing all my hope.”
He assures me that He is with me as I walk this slippery slope.

I whisper up to Heaven, “Lord, I feel your presence here.”
The voice of my Father answers, “ I am always with you, dear.”

I whisper up to Heaven, “I can feel my spirits start to lift.”
His answers me, “You’ve got this! Now go and use your gift!”

I whisper up to Heaven “Lord, thanks for loving me!”
His love flow through my heart as He says, “That’s how it will ALWAYS be.”

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