Surviving the Tornados

Some days I am weary. My calendar is full, time is short, and I feel the storm coming. On those days, I know that I will never accomplish all that I have before me by my own strength and sheer will power. On those days I realize that the only way I am going to navigate through my day of overload is if I spend some time with my sweet Jesus, who always renews me and gives me just what I need to make it through my “tornados”.

Jesus needed rest. He knew his disciples needed rest as well. That is why He advised them to get alone and rest for a while.

And He said to them, Come away by yourselves to a quiet place and rest a while. Share on X

If Jesus needed rest, what makes us think we don’t need it just as much? Sure, we are not walking around healing and doing miracles in the fashion that He did. But we are, as believers, walking out our days sharing His love, spreading His joy, and offering His grace. And some days, we do pull out a miracle or a healing…even in the smallest of ways.

If we are going to accomplish the tasks and opportunities that He puts before us, we need rest. We need that time of refreshing that can only come from spending time in prayer and in our bibles, learning and growing from His word, and strengthening our relationship with our Savior. We must make Jesus a priority, the very first thing on our list of “to-do’s”. He will give us the strength to handle those hectic days, to walk through the storms, and to survive our “tornados” if we only seek Him first.

We must make Jesus a priority, the very first thing on our list of to-do's Share on X