Who Can You Serve?

Service….it is an action word.  As believers, we are all called to take that action, to serve others.  The act of serving isn’t just meant for those who pour our coffee or bring us the meal we ordered.  It isn’t set aside for those who help us in the check out line, cut our hair, or pump our gas.  Service isn’t delegated only to those who are elected to represent us, or who fight on foreign soil for our freedoms.  Service is meant for ALL of us.  We are not meant to think of ourselves as having a status above servant hood.

Even as the Son of Man came not to be serve but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Matthew 20:28) Click To Tweet

Jesus came to this earth as a servant.  This mighty King of Kings placed himself in a position of humility I order to demonstrate love.  Through this act of servant hood, he demonstrated obedience, compassion, grace, humility, love, and reverence.  So much can be learned from him, if only we would be willing to humble ourselves.

Look around you.  There is a lot you can do in service to others.  There are people who need prayer and encouragement.  There are those who need food, shelter, and clothing.  Some may need a smile, a hug, a moment of understanding.  Many may need forgiveness.  And EVERYONE needs to hear the gospel, and experience the love of the Savior.

What can you do to serve others today?  By serving them, you will be serving Him.  Let’s all make it our goal today to make a difference in someone’s life.  Let’s humble ourselves and grasp with exuberance the opportunity to be a servant of Christ.  What an awesome honor!

By serving them, you will be serving Him. Click To Tweet