Rid Me of Myself

Singing in church on Sunday morning, the verse to a song really spoke to my heart. “Rid me of myself, I belong to you.” I belong to Jesus. You belong to Jesus. The problem is that sometimes we can’t get ourselves out of the way so that we can experience all the goodness, all the greatness, He has for us.

Do you strive to be Christlike? Do you want to be an imitator of Jesus? I know I do. The devil knows it also. So he will come along, with his lies and his schemes, and try to throw me off track. He will do the same to you. He doesn’t want any of us to “belong” to Jesus. He doesn’t want us to model Christ to those around us. So to keep us from doing so, he will sneak into our thoughts, our attitudes, and our actions. Before we know it, we are as far from Christlikedness as we can possibly be.

Today I pray that my Savior will help “rid me of myself”, that He will help me stand up against the lies and the tricks of the enemy. I pray that He will help me keep my focus on the good, the pure, the noble, and the lovely. I pray that He will guide my thoughts, my words, my actions, so that when others see me….they see Him. I pray the same for you….that your life would be molded and driven by the love of Jesus, and that all who see you recognize that He is your one true love.

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Let us strive to belong wholeheartedly to Jesus. Let us live our lives in accordance with the Word of God. Let us not let the enemy get a grip on our souls, but be ever mindful of his desire to trap us. Let us reach out our hands in full assurance that Jesus will stretch out his, and pull us softly and gently to Him….right where we belong.

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