Keep Building

Through our relationship with Christ, we gain the wisdom we need as wives and mothers to oversee our household with love, grace, patience, consistency, and endurance. Some days, we are on the mountaintop…our homes are clean, our kids are behaving, and our husband adores us. Oh, how elated we feel! We are the champions of the universe on those days. We are invincible and so in tune with the Lord and with those most precious to us.
Other days can be a trial…there is three inches of dust on everything, the laundry is piled high, the kids are trying to eliminate each other, and your husband doesn’t seem to hear a word you are saying. We feel like a failure, and we are certain that we are living with some strange species that have no ability to hear, listen, or follow any type of direction.
On the good days, we do feel as if we are building up our homes as wise women of God. On the bad days, we feel as if they are crumbling around us. It is in those moments of crumble that we need to take a breath, refocus on our beautiful Savior, and take our lead from Him. God gave us this home and family, and He will give us the wisdom to continue to build it up, to continue to create a space of honor and worship to him, and to make it a place of laughter, joy, and comfort for those we love.
Look to the Lord. He will give you the strength to keep building what He has given you. Through Him, you can do ALL things.