From Sin to Salvation


It is a comfort to know that I am not the only sinner in this world. I am surrounded by sinners. Each one of us have sin in our lives, for we are fleshly humans. Despite our sin, or maybe because of it, our precious Jesus sacrificed himself, and because of his act of unconditional love, we all have the opportunity for forgiveness. His death brought into each of our lives the possibility of salvation, the possibility of spending our eternity with our Father in Heaven. What greater gift could there be? What larger than life love could you imagine? How blessed we are that our Lord valued us above all other creation, valued to the point of death on the cross. And how doubly blessed we are that the day is coming for all who have repented and opened our hearts to him, when we will have the unimaginable pleasure of spending eternity in his presence. I may be a sinner, but my sin has led me to my salvation…and that is a gift beyond measure.