Anxiety can ruin our day.  It sneaks in through the back door of our minds and grips our hearts.  When it gets a really good grip on us, it is hard to get loose.  But we are overcomers.  God has given us tools to break free from the chains of anxiety, and one of those tools is the kindness of others.  Having someone speak kind words into your anxious heart can be just the thing we need to remove that anxiety.

Do you have someone in your life that speaks kindness?  Someone that can penetrate the depths of your troubled soul with their words of love, concern, and compassion?  What about you…do you speak kindness to those around you?  Are you that source of strength and support to others?

Let’s not allow our hearts to be weighed down by worry.  And let’s help others keep free from that bondage, as well.  SPEAK KINDNESS!  Surround yourself with others who will SPEAK KINDNESS to you.  A lighter, more cheerful world is what we all need?