Gather Your Girls

God created us for community.  He created us, as women, to need fellowship with other women.  It was His plan that we come together…in times of joy and celebration, and in times of sorrow and need.

We have a beautiful promise found in His word…that when we come together, He joins us in that place.  He is there in our moments of celebration, and He is there in our times of pain.

Do you have women in your life who walk your victories with you?  And are there women who hold your hand through the toughest trials?  We were not meant to dance through life on our own, but with a Congo line behind us, and our Father in Heaven leading the way.

There is power in prayer, and there is something so sweet and powerful about gathering together in prayer… calling on His name and knowing without a doubt that He hears you.  And knowing that He will meet you where you are, and He will honor the prayers of those praying for and with you.

Believe in that promise found in Matthew. Believe that coming together is powerful.  Rest in the certainty that He is there with you, that He hears you, and that He will not leave you abandoned.  Gather your girls.  He is right there waiting.